Things that can make me lounger without spending a fortune

Things that can make me lounger without spending a fortune

To live like a lounger, what does that mean?


For me, it means doing what we want without depriving ourselves.


Not own a lot of things.


Neither pays a private jet to go shopping at Inter.


Some of my friends think I’m earning money.


It’s wrong.


It’s just that I spend my money in a slightly different way.


It allows me to travel full time – here I write you this ticket from a hotel room in Bolivia – to go to the restaurant at least 6 times a week, to pay me trips in 4 × 4 in the desert or to parachute above the volcanoes. All this for less than 500 € per month. All that I earn in addition, I put it aside. To buy a second apartment.


And for those who think it’s because I live in countries where the cost of living is low that nay! It was the same in France.


Obviously, to live like this, it requires some slight changes in perception.


Here is a series of 7 achievements that will take you out of your panties. Ok, it means nothing.


  1. Material goods ruin your budget

For the price of an iPhone, you can eat completely for 4 months in France or pay you a round trip to Bolivia, Cambodia or the USA.


For the price of your little suede parka, you can go ten times to the restaurant in France or feed you six months in Thailand.


For the price of your car, you can earn 10m2 of living space at home or live at home for a year in the Philippines.




  1. Get rid of your car

It’s expensive. Insurance is expensive. Gasoline and diesel are expensive. It pollutes. It’s noisy. It kills lots of people.


Take public transport. Live near your obligations and those of your children (work, pony club, all that …). Market. Ride a bike.


And if you really need a car, rent it or carpool.


Apart from showing that you have a big car, the practical interest is quite limited – unless you’re a taxi – and it’s a real money pit.


  1. Explode your television

TV is a tool that makes you want to buy.


All content, American super series, football matches, intellectual broadcasts, funny games, information, everything is done to attract your attention and sell you advertising when your brain is the most receptive.


The TV, it makes you feel ugly, it puts you in direct connection with the worst events in the world, it makes you feel superior (e) showing you debilitated debilitating.


TV, cable, you eat your money and it gives you even more desire to spend.


So buy this car, that’s happiness! Buy this shampoo; you will look like a supermodel! Bought!


  1. Eat better

Respect your body. Feeding you with meat, coca and Nutella is not the best nutritional … nor financial strategy.


And it’s not because a food is not over saturated with fat and sugar that it is not good.


  1. Stop spending money on addictions

As incredible as it sounds, you do not have to smoke, you do not have to drink a beer for 5 € every night, you do not have to go clubbing every weekend. What?


What? It’s to meet people?


There are lots of other places to meet people. For example in the street. Or in a tango class.


It’s more economical, you can make more interesting encounters and it damages your health less.


But if your only ray of sunshine this week is to go to the bar, then continue … If you do not know what else to do, read it immediately: # BN3 – Ok, not immediately since the article will be released next week, dear!


If you have a real life next door. Press on the brake.


You’ll see, even if it’s hard to digest, just like TV, you can do without.


  1. Do not quibble for pennies

Pennies we do not care.


It’s not because you buy the first price pasta that you will save money.


Look rather at your big expenses: car, various and varied treatment like cryolipolysis fat freezing, ready for consumption, etc. …


Spending less does not mean being stingy.


  1. The objects will not make you happy

Even if you think your life will be better with this nice flat screen or this great motorcycle, there is little chance that this is the case.


Life is made to live, not to accumulate things.


All these objects that pile up, it’s noise in your life; these are things that you are afraid of losing, of breaking. It takes up space and it deprives you of a part of freedom.


You do not need all this.


Or maybe you need it…


Personally, I do not know, I do not really know you.


What is certain is that we can live differently.


Less depending on what we have to exist.


It seems to me healthier.


But it’s just an idea.


She can make her way in your head.


Or you can forget it quickly in front of the island of temptation.


To live as a rich man, perhaps that means to be free from your possessions, to be no longer afraid of losing them, no longer to seek to amass them.


And if you want to let the big wheel of the company turn and take a small step to the side, you can read that: # PC1.


Otherwise, close this tab, shake your head nonchalantly, then go shopping and above all, never open your eyes.


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