Simple But Effective Ways to Know It’s Time for Marriage

Simple But Effective Ways to Know It’s Time for Marriage

Simple But Effective Ways to Know It’s Time for Marriage

During a relationship there comes a stage that eventually, you will get serious and want to take things to another level of commitment. There were lots of speculations on how long a person should be involved in a relationship prior to considering the ultimate step of getting married.

Truth is that no one really knows what the magic number or period of time you need to be in a relationship prior to pursuing marriage. Most say that getting hitched months after dating it’s totally ridiculous and that it would never last, but in some situations it not contradicts those statements but outlives what some may consider to be always a “traditional” length of time.

Only a couple of months?

Only dating for a couple months prior to a marital commitment is scrutinized because to some, there isn’t enough time to know the person completely and what are their likes or dislikes.

Another issue is that many family members have not been properly introduced and if anyone or majority of folks who are against marriage after dating a couple of months would be family members.

Red flags would be thrown all around the place and caution speeches will be the core of any conversation with immediate family members who are concerned about your decision.

Some believe in falling in love at first sight and actually generally they dated for years prior to marriage and they end up getting the happily ever after ending. Again, this is only in some instances and not all. Couples who fall in love also make the decision to move in together prior to getting married.


To some religious communities, living with a partner maybe seen as a sin, but it actually works best for couples to access know each other more intimately and learn their “live in” behaviors. They say you never know a person until you live with them and this can be quite a known fact to many.

It’s like having the pre-game to the super bowl in this instance living with together and testing the waters before the marriage. Couples who’ve lived together and actually didn’t make it are thankful that they did it because they figured how the rest of their marriage may have been a disaster.

They agree that living together and learning each other’s attitudes, likes and dislikes, mood swings, peeves, and true colors, determined if they were actually compatible together to truly have a life together, easier.

Oftentimes, some couples didn’t match at all and the thing they had going was the sex but couldn’t co-exist together due to different attitudes and personalities. They actually became just sexual partners and hung out, but never dated again. When asked if they would consider getting married after experiencing living together they said they would need to try living together longer and see where they would be now.

Time can also help a relationship, without it you cannot have a strong and mature commitment to one another. Time maybe of an essence in regards to having a strong relationship and many may say that sometimes it will take years before some couples actually marry and some may not even marry at all, but will still live life together as if they were married.

Love is a strange thing and no-one can ever tell how long it will be before it hits your heart and time will just stop completely. If love is strong enough it will take just seconds by the time you know who you’ll end up getting for the rest of your life. Short term or long term doesn’t matter if its true love, then the kinks of life will iron itself out for you and the one you love.



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