Keeping the Peace at a Wedding

Keeping the Peace at a Wedding

Planning a wedding ceremony is major task either thousand of guests are coming in the wedding or hundred guests. But planning for wedding requires many things so that it has number of lovely and sweet memories for life time. For balancing the feelings and need of both families, you may have to keep aside your some feelings and wishes. Wedding is not sad event even for single people. But, to avoid conflicts, plan wedding in just a way that all friends, relatives will be happy. With the wedding not only two people come together but two families come together and all members of both mediation families have to live along life time. So, do not make it stressful event and try to make it an auspicious event for both families so that both people will get trust and support from all members.

Too many things will run on every person’s mind. In this case, how you can plan your wedding peacefully. There are mostly three areas into which you have to look for keeping peace in all wedding functions. Those three areas are keeping to the budget, planning the event and manage all conflicts well.

Keeping to the budget: wedding is event where a couple has to spend large amount of money within a short amount of time. So, it is necessary that both should have to agree on all expenditures. First, fix your amount of money that both families can spend. Then, there should be open discussion between both families and take final decision that which family will spend on money which expenditure.

Planning the event: planning a wedding event is a full time job. If you planned your wedding yourself, you will not get time for you. So, it will be good if you include your family members and friends. When you contact to your friends asking for help, you will surprised that they are too willing to do your help.

Manage all conflicts well: one main thing is wedding is peace. Case is that how you will manage all different decisions made by different people and how to solve such problem. Managing of conflicts will start from the wedding preparation starting.

• First, try to solve all major issues such as religious practices or thing about to change the religion. You should have to think that such type of issues may arise in later and will become major problem.
• Second is to ask to both mediation families for all customs and suggestions which they want to include in wedding planning. If you thought that such customs may not become part of wedding ceremony, then try to solve such issues with talking to your spouse. You both will work well on this issue and will get many wishes from all family members.
• Whenever you and your spouse think that this may become issue in wedding, then work like team and solve all issues. You both have to unite both families to avoid all conflicts.
Just follow above given three points and have peaceful wedding event.

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